Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning Express are proud to announce our new commercial window cleaning service. Even if you’re at a car dealership in London, you want your windows to shine and present your car in tip-top shape. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the view from your office windows, we offer you the best window cleaning services in London.

We always want to provide window cleaning services to our cleaning customers. But we know we can’t rush. Our cleaning customers demand the best service and our highly skilled staff can provide this service to our residential and commercial customers.

So when you want to find a cleaning contractor to provide our window cleaning services, we take great care in working on your business and your home. We researched all the window cleaning companies in London, met with them and discussed our plans to provide window cleaning services to our customers. We want to make sure that the window cleaners we use meet our customers’ high standards and can provide all the glass cleaning services our customers require.

As you can imagine, finding good, clean windows takes some time. When we wanted to start a window cleaning service in the future, we knew we had to find the right person for the job. Finally we did it. We can now transfer our care and attention from the inside of your business to the outside of your business.

Our Window Cleaning Service London
We take great pride in our window cleaning service as we make sure all the cleaning needs of the home are met. We’re now making it easier for you to include these services in your Clean Express package. Just contact Cleaning Express; One of our team members will add window cleaning as a separate cleaning service and create a window cleaning schedule that fits your business needs. Clean Express window cleaning services include:

Water Wand Window Cleaning Service
Our window cleaning is 6 times better than commercial products with water wands. This service is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than hiring cherry pickers to reach tall windows.

This type of window cleaning requires a lot of training and practice, but our window cleaners are experts. Your windows will look clean and beautiful in no time. This is the best choice for anything up to 75 feet high. We can also use water wands to clean glass roofs, exterior walls and panels of buildings. Therefore, the entire exterior of your business will look empty and ready to welcome customers or clients.

Conventional window cleaning
Floor offices, shops, restaurants, bars etc. For example, for some businesses, window cleaning is the fastest and cheapest option. This is a very quick way to clean windows and our window cleaners have many years of experience using this technology. They make window cleaning easy and hassle-free. If you’ve tried it, you know it’s not easy.

We will also use this glass cleaning technique for cleaning interior windows. So don’t be surprised if our windshield washer comes with a windshield washer and water wand. They will use water jets to clean exterior windows safely and quickly, then use window cleaning tools to finish the job inside.

Tenant Pickers and Rope Access
If we cannot access your window through drains or a window cleaning service we have a variety of cherry pickers and platforms to get the job done. If necessary, we can remove your windows from the building to clean them.

We are professional, trained window cleaners to get the job done. They will be safe, professional and provide the best care for their neighbors and neighbours. This type of window cleaning requires more preparation than other services. So if your windows need urgent cleaning and you think you might need a cherry picker or string window cleaner, it’s best to contact us and have it installed as soon as possible.

Other Exterior Cleaning Services
In addition to window cleaning, our solutions can also clean your gutters, exterior walls and siding. So we can make your products beautiful from the outside. Our regular cleaning services ensure the inside is as good as the outside.

How to Book Our Window Service It’s easy to book your window cleaning service with
Cleaning Express. Just use our beautiful call center to schedule a meeting and schedule an appointment. For Windows, you can choose a transition period.