Should I drink coffee? I get asked a lot of questions in my chiropractic office


I am often asked how I can help with musculoskeletal problems. I personally love food and have done a lot of research. Many of my patients know this and will ask me questions about it.

Asked. Since I drink coffee a few times a week, I don’t see any harm from coffee, but I’m not sure if it helps, so I did experiments and research. This article discusses the nutritional benefits of drinking coffee in moderation.

I learned that there is a lot of scientific information about the benefits of drinking coffee. Most studies show that moderate coffee consumption (one to three cups a day) is fine. But some research shows that it’s better to drink more than 3 glasses a day.

I was surprised to learn that a 2015 study found that coffee consumption (decaffeinated and caffeinated) was associated with lifestyle. This study, which included thousands of men and women, found that people who drink coffee regularly (one to five cups a day) are at risk of premature death. I find it interesting that people who drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day do not live longer.

JAMA Oncology, September 2020 Caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee appears to benefit colon cancer patients. The study of 1,171 patients followed their coffee consumption for five years. It has been found that people who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day are not only likely to survive, but are also less likely to have their tumors progress.

In 2019, researchers used brain MRI to look for the formation of amyloid plaques, a symptom of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The study of 411 adults without cognitive impairment

found that those who drank two or more cups of coffee a day had lower levels of amyloid in their brains. This has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies have also shown that moderate coffee consumption can help people with type 2 diabetes, liver, endometrial, prostate, and heart disease.

I believe that everyone should take these findings and organize them according to their own interests and preferences. I know I wouldn’t be doing well if I had coffee every day. I became neurotic and did not sleep well.

I look good at using green tea (green tea has benefits) and in place of coffee and tea. I also regularly enjoy decaf days.

Read this and use it as you think is best for you. Don’t be afraid to discover the benefits of coffee and other caffeinated beverages for yourself. Also, if you’re interested in other topics related to nutrition, there are many studies you can research. fun